Teachers School Supply Tax Credit

School Supply Tax Credit for Teachers

Teachers School Supply Tax Credit

Prime Minster Justin Trudeau’s proposal to teachers will be rolled out in 2016. Teachers who dip into their own wallets to buy school supplies are finally being offered an extra token of support.

The 2016 budget has introduced a new teachers School Supply Tax Credit for the cost of educational supplies. The credit is available to teachers and early childhood educators who incur the cost of supplies for the purpose of teaching or otherwise enhancing students’ learning in the classroom or learning environment. This new credit will allow an employee who is an “eligible educator” to claim a 15% refundable tax credit based on up to $1,000 in expenditures made by the teacher for “eligible supplies.” The credit would be worth $150 which is 15 percent of $1,000.

Teachers will qualify as eligible educators if they hold a teacher’s certificate that is valid in the province or territory in which they are employed. Similarly, early childhood educators must hold a certificate or diploma in early childhood education.

The list of allowable school supplies includes items like:

  • Bulletin board decorative items, such as borders and illustrations;
  • Construction paper and Bristol board for activities, flashcards, or activity centres;
  • Posters with instructions, such as punctuation rules or chemistry formulas;
  • Items for science experiments, such as seeds, vegetables, fruits, potting soil, milk, vinegar, coffee stir sticks, straws, spaghetti for building structures, etc.;
  • Specialized art supplies;
  • Games and puzzles;
  • Supplementary books (novels, non-fiction, and reference) for classrooms;
  • Supplementary technology for classrooms, such as tablets, laptops, graphing calculators, and projectors;
  • Stickers and motivational items;
  • Support software for teaching and learning purposes; and
  • Containers, such as plastic boxes or banker boxes for themes and kits.

Teachers must keep receipts to claim the tax credit.

To read more about the Teachers School Supply Tax Credit visits the Liberal website.

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